Magic Machine in Berlin

I will perform with the Magic Machine in Berlin at HAU together with the musicians Derya Yıldırım and Tellavision on 26th of September, 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October. More details, location and dates here.

Rainer Gratzke oder Das rote Auto

I made the stage design for the theatre play “Rainer Gratzke oder Das rote Auto” starring Gala Othero Winter, Josef Ostendorf and Jens Rachut feat. videos by Meika Dresenkamp. Shows: Schauspielhaus Hamburg


In September I’m on tour again together with Jens Rachut, Susanne Jansen, Thomas Wenzel and the “SCHNECKENGOTTT“. We will play in Hamburg, Dresden, Regendburg, Karlsruhe, Bremen and Rostock.



Together with Laura Tonke, Jens Rachut and Thomas Wenzel i’m creating the new show “SCHNECKENGOTTT“. End of February we will play in Berlin, Leipzig, Offenbach, Cologne and Hamburg. Come along!


Schneckengottt (von Jens Rachut) Trailer 2017 from Powerline Agency on Vimeo.

The Diamond Road Show in Switzerland

The DIAMOND ROAD SHOW will be on tour in Switzerland this Autumn. With songs by Digger Barnes and visuals by Pencil Quincy. Plus now featuring live: The incredible Johnny Latebloom. tourdates 2017.



The DIAMOND ROAD SHOW at 2 very special venues: Schauspiel Leipzig on Friday 23.6.17 and Funkhaus Berlin on Saturday 24.6.17. With visuals by Pencil Quincy and the music of Digger Barnes plus Band feat. Johnny Latebloom, Mosquito Hopkins and Hamburg dreampop duo Binoculers.


Alte Sau Mini Tour

The only ALTE SAU shows this summer: 08.06.2017 GER-Magdeburg, Kunstkantine/Datsche,
09.06.2017 GER-Schwerin, Komplex, 10.06.2017 GER-Bochum, Wageni


Diamond Road Show 2017

We developed a new version of the DIAMOND ROAD SHOW with new and classic songs by Digger Barnes and new and classic visuals by Pencil Quincy. Plus now featuring live: The incredible Johnny Latebloom supporting us on Melotron, samplers and other instruments. tourdates 2017.


Diamond Motel on Arte TV

Tonight on ARTE at 0.20h: A new mini-doku about the DIAMOND MOTEL with visuals by Pencil Quincy, music by Digger Barnes and Stories by Franz Dobler. You can also watch it online here:


Exhibition at Kraniche

I will show some of my paintings at Kraniche an den Elbbruecken in Hamburg, Germany – only for one night! August 25th 2016. Start 19h.                                     Plus: DJ Mae Sheen from Alte Sau. Come along!